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Domain Management

Xgeneration has been trusted by its clients for over 25 Years to provide a single point of contact for all aspects of Domain Management, from initial procurement and on-going renewals, to DNS services and brand protection. XGENERATION have been proud to be a TAG with Nominet the .UK Registry since 1995. As a UK Registrar we strive to improve on the very high standards and policies required by the Registry. We also work to keep our 100% record for total Customer Satisfaction. In 25 Years our TAG has not had been involved in a single domain related dispute, or required the Domain Resolution Service supplied by Nominet. We have Domains on our TAG that were registered pre 1994. Our success is linked to the customer interaction with our clients. No automated shopping carts but real people with expertise and experience in managing the process of registration and on-going management.

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What to expect as an Xgeneration customer:

  1. Firstly we are crazy for correct paperwork. We like domains to be owned by the correct entity. Many companies have domains registered by their first web developer, or the guy who ran IT 10 years ago. NO! At Xgeneration we start with the Paperwork. Correct Name, Company Name, Company Type, Company Number, may seem funny but your correct trading address, up to date contact number and working email address. It is very simple but this is where Xgeneration starts with Crossing T’s and Dotting I’s.
  2. Merging Accounts. We find many .UK domains are scattered amongst several accounts with Nominet due to small differences in the company or individual account that was created when the Domain was registered. Easy to loose a domain and harder to manage. Simplicity, get them all converged into a single account with correct WHOIS information.
  3. Our own accurate database informs clients via email for all domain service renewals. Our clients are informed 90 days and 30 days before renewal. For key company strategic domains we always recommend auto renewal and longer domain registration periods. You can protect your .uk domain for up to 10 Years.
  4. Service from Xgeneration is dealt with via our Helpdesk which can be contacted via URL or Email. All clients are supplied unique login information for their account. This can be reset at any time by visiting the Helpdesk and clicking on the Forgot Password Link. The Helpdesk must be the starting point for any Support issue. Our service is available from 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday. A reply from the support team will normally be less than 1 Hour.
    Helpdesk URL:
  5. We work to our 100% Complete Customer Satisfaction Promise. If a customer feels for any reason we have not delivered, we have a simple complaints process that is answered swiftly and worked upon for a speedy resolution. Use the page How to raise a complaint?

If you want to know more about registering a .UK domain with Xgeneration or letting us Manage your current domains please make contact using the form below:

For More information about .UK domains please read our Terms and Conditions for Registering .uk

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