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Protection After the Lockdown (Covid-19)

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When advise finally emerges that businesses should and can start to use their offices and meeting rooms after this extended period of self isolation and remote working, how can you protect your employees and visiting customers from reigniting the Covid-19 outbreak again? Testing kits at the door will be expensive and slow to administer, visual inspections or self certified certificates may not prove 100% Reliable. Xgeneration can install a thermal imaging camera that can monitor multiple people entering the building with tolerances less than ±0.3°C. With clever trigger / alert notification the office manager or security officer will be alerted to an issue for swift action that could prevent loss of life.

Hikvision have developed a range of Cameras designed for simple yet highly accurate moving target fever scanning. The devices can be mounted like a normal CCTV Camera or Handheld to be used by Security Personnel at the door.

With advanced detectors and algorithms, Hikvision’s Fever Screening Thermographic Cameras are designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperatures, and can thus be used for rapid and preliminary fever screening in office buildings, factories, stations, airports and other public places, with accuracy up to ±0.3°C.

  • One second to detect temperature in a person
  • Multi-person detection simultaneously
  • Non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact
  • Immediately alarming to notify operators
  • AI detection to reduce false alarms from other heat sources

To get an idea of the speed and capability of these products please view our short promotional video

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