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Xgeneration are proud to work with Vodia as a certified partner. For the last 20 Years Xgeneration have installed Phone Systems running on OSX, Windows and Linux, either on premis or cloud hosted. Now with the invention of the micro or pocket PC, Vodia have brought us the IOP (InterNet of PBX) solid state device to host a phone system for up to 50 employees, powerful and feature rich, yet smaller than a pack of cards. Xgeneration can install, configure, support and maintain your telephony.

This is not trick photography, The lady is not a giant.

Also with the rise of Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud Platform, three providers that Xgeneration are fully certified to deploy and support, we can host your business telephone system, built with Vodia PBX. The platform is designed with ease of use for the end user to complete routine daily operations, with powerful features that will enable your business to have 21st Century Telephony from any location and through any emergency. Xgeneration can host for companies of 3 Employees to SME Businesses with Thousands.

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